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Title Score
John: Go back inside. 156
Dave: Eject your modus and use telescope to inspect sky. 126
John: Go get help. 128
Years in the box. 114
WV: Turn on your bed. 128
Dirk: Captchalogue Hella Jeff drawing. 125
John: Examine reverse side of hammer card in a more symbolic manner. 133
Jack: Search for a boss battle. 142
Rose: Wear the scarf. Ride the ogre. 109
John: Wear the scarf. Be the awesome coolkid. 137
Dave: Clean up this mess. 117
Vriska: Check on Sollux. 134
Karkat: Go back to adventurin'. 150
Roxy: Wear the scarf. Be the white text guy. 140
Months in the box. 134
Roxy: Proceed to second gate. 124
Months in the future... 130
Seconds in the future... 133
John: Return to computer lab. 117
Rose: Combine magnetic W and make a campfire. 121