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Dave: Combine Gamebro Magazine card. 450
Karkat: Get down to business. 446
Jade: Explore the other girl. 443
Jack: Quick, be the pony. Second, trample Mom. 442
Roxy: Say hi to everybody! 442
PM: Command John to ease your nerves. 441
Terezi: Be the Rider. 441
Rose: Go downstairs to the end. 441
Jane: Ok, back to the meter stick. 440
John: Go outside and begin LARPing immediately. 439
==> 438
In a future settled askance of the first visible captchalogue card. 437
Jade: Stick fruits in the future, but not many... 436
John: Go back inside. 436
Jack: Suppress thoughts of unfathomable Snausages. 436
i have a look inside. 434
WV: Attach your trusty knife. 434
Jack: Search for a boss battle. 434
Jade: Quickly retrieve side arms. 432