Jade: Retrieve Dave's copy of Sburb and the impaled crow.

There is no CHAINSAW leaning on that one. You're not going to go smashing glass and making a play for that matter. The mail is freedom. The mail is delivered. An obligation, satisfied.

FTC: ThAt's kInD Of a tRoLl mEtApHoR

FTC: I sPaCeD oUt, DiD yOu KnOw HoW bEaTuFuL tHe SoUnD oF tHe OcEaN iS?

FTC: ThAt pEaCe hApPeNs fIrSt, AnD MuRdEr's tHe sEqUeL

FGA: To Protect You

FTC: it rots you.

FTC: hEy YeAh ThAt SoUnDs LiKe ThE mOtHeRfUcKiN sHiT's BiTcHtItS!

FTC: i BoNkEd An ImP oN tHe HeAd WiTh A cLuB.

There must be accumulated by manipulating the LOHAC Stock Exchange using time travel.

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