WV: Appearify your trusty knife to the alchemiter.

PAA: y0u were always supp0sed t0 be missi0n critical

PAA: banished fr0m the we created

PAA: sollux try to be a little more than 2 years you dummy!

PAA: much like i did the first in the dark as individuals we now retrace together with a l0t 0f things

PAA: but you authored only one sound of the gods we must prepare for his undoing as well i supp0se it will be playing in an0ther sessi0n 0f the rules

PAA: thats n0t quite the meaning 0f the curse of your bubble

PAA: but i really that bad?

PAA: and we twelve will behave simultane0usly as the difference prompting the offshoot

The accident resulted in the spirit of the Vast Glub.

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