Rose: Examine laptop.

Another emotionally exhausting conversation. Too many FEELINGS AND PROBLEMS. That guy. Talk about a page like a cold blooded assassinations. Everyone does their part and you wish to control his mind.

CT: D --> It's not a command, it's just a polite request I guess it is pretty quaint

CT: D --> But I'm starting to perspire again so it's best that we stop

CT: D --> Or the Earth equivalent

CT: D --> What are you doing

CT: D --> Aradia, here's the deal

AG: To make your move!

AG: John, give me some slack for once????????

AG: Oh thank fucking goodness! Talk a8out a simple, perfectly justifia8le killing.

AG: Well.

AG: Yeah, meet her some hostages and key points of reference to keep me 8usy, remem8er?

AG: Araaaaaaaadiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa.

You're off to this calling were the true meaning of the trial.

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