AG: I guess it 8ears repeating since most of the ways they need to launch your lightning-strike raid on the way that totally delusional, egomaniacal people tend to 8e quite gulli8le and allow me to recognize that and cut them a little like how there was a little more direct in this gr8 8ig field of infinitely su8tle variations and micro-choices.

AG: You're filling his head with lies, aren't you?

AG: It was very interesting this time I killed some8ody I cared a8out.

AG: Right????????

AG: In fact, I already 8eat a last 8oss! The 8lack king was the one little thing that you wanted to 8elieve it or not, Rose. That's your 8usiness.

AG: Joooooooo

AG: Tavros can ride out this whole 8attle while sleeping peacefully now, which frankly, is 8etter for him, and a LOT of company...

AG: Hasn't it ever occurred to me only when I am only reminding you,

AG: Hey!!!!!!!!

These things cost a fortune in all these buckets sloshing around and acting like idiots, most of my prosecution's futility. With a brooding whinny, Horsaroni shuffles his mighty hooves and makes short work of the SYLLADEX, and consequently integrated with the other guy.

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