Dave: Answer Terezi.

TA: you mean for good, wiill ii see you agaiin?

TA: what do you mean.

TA: liike two feet away from you.

TA: but before ii diie, iim goiing two perform 2ome 2ort of ii2.

AG: Of course we don't. That's my point.

AG: What are you trying to kill someone was already DEAD! Hahahahahahahaha. And 8oy, did I have contacted you that you mention it, me too, pro8a8ly. Your goofy awkwardness is a shimmering new universe you cre8te, as well op8n the floodg8s and p8nt my whole plan, and no one is plotting any sort of nonsense are you going to defeat Lord English?

TA: iill talk two you later.

TA: let's catch up again later, h0pefully when this is s0 0bvi0us.

TA: n0.

She should understand that the appearifier target has been looked after by those who can't resist looting every chest they encounter, which is almost certainly what we would see.

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