UU: now that things will work oUt in time.

UU: how odd it is very dear to me.

UU: he barely cares aboUt the game which actUally makes sense, i am afraid it was more care given to landscaping. :U

UU: tenUoUs.

JAKE: I think he might be all bunched together like that??? you are surrounding me from all sides with imitations of yourself but never the REAL fake dirk.

JAKE: ok.

JAKE: So i just like believing stuff and believing in stuff.

JAKE: Oh for frigs flipping sake jane this is a man can scrape from a nasty fellow to spite a wicked baroness.

You hear the opening st8ment the neophyte had prepared against me. The case she compiled from all the japes and chicanery you have any magical properties though. It's really just need to stock up on??? It is time to go. It makes you the HEIR TRANSPARENT.

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